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Seminar on Caring for Cats: Turning Your Passion into Profit
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A special event specifically focusing on local opportunities, tentatively scheduled for January 2015 in Pittsford, NY.









We own and operate a unique long-term care facility for cats, The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat. We've been very fortunate to be able to turn our passion for animals into a successful business.

While most of our feline guests come from out of state or out of the country, it seems that lately we have been getting more local calls -- many from good people that simply need a temporary place for their cat or cats until they are able to take them back again.

Like you, we feel if there is a way to help folks keep their cats and not have to surrender them to a shelter or rescue group it's a win-win situation. The owners are happy, the cats are staying in a good place and organizations are spared the cost and effort of taking these cats in for adoption.

We see this as a need that will continue to grow as more and more people own more and more cats. So we are thinking it would be great to start a grassroots effort to help these folks in need. And that's where YOU come in. Perhaps you have volunteers willing to earn some extra cash by caring for these cats. Perhaps your organization has considered setting up a formal boarding program as a way of helping the animals and increasing your income. Or perhaps you know someone that has the passion for caring for cats but doesn't know how to turn that passion into income.

We want to help! We are tentatively planning this get together in January to get the discussion started, to share experiences and to give you some ideas on how you can help the cats and make some extra cash.

Some of the topics scheduled to be covered include: Pet ownership statistics; Types of business options; short-term care vs. long-term care; rooms vs. cages; caring for cats in your home part-time; non-profit organizations setting up a for-profit boarding program; business plans; zoning/planning; pet first aid; veterinary care; cleaning protocols; bonus services; disaster planning; advertising; online resources ...and more! There will be plenty of time set aside for discussion, questions & answers.

There will be a continental breakfast served and there will be a reservation fee -- around $14/person -- to help cover our costs. Seating will be limited on a first-come, first-served basis. We are not yet taking reservations! Right now all we are asking from you is if you think there is an interest within your organization and/or if you know of any individuals that may be interested in attending.

If so, please contact us by November 1, 2014 with an approximate number of people -- and if these estimates fall within the minimum/maximum we'll book the room and set up a reservations process, so check back on this web page for updates.

As always, questions or comments are welcome!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!
Paul Dewey
The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat

cats cats

Give your cats the luxury and love they so much deserve...
choose The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat for their long-term care!

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