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The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
Permanent Long-term Care/Lifetime Care Rates
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Permanent Long-term Care/Lifetime Care Rates

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Our Permanent Care, also known as Lifetime Care, is for people who find themselves in a situation where they no longer can give their cat the care he or she needs. Each situation is unique, whether it's allergies, major lifestyle changes, health issues, or something else we're here for your cat if you need us.

Some people are not sure of their future so they choose to bring the cats into our Temporary Care/Long-term Boarding program first. It could be the people have medical issues and their future is uncertain at this point in time, and if they get better they may be able to take back the cats. It could even be the fact that the people are having a difficult time coping with the thought of "signing over" ownership of the cats right now. We understand all of this, and we'll be happy to work through everything to your satisfaction for your cats' sake and for your peace of mind.

They primary difference between our Temporary and Permanent care is the ownership and responsibilities. Obviously while cats stay with us for Temporary care the owners still responsible for their cats' veterinary care, including but not limited to annual check ups, vaccinations, health certificates, FeLV/FIV testing, emergency care, grooming, prescription or special diets, medications, flea control, etc. For cats that come into The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat for Permanent care, we take ownership and we then become responsible for ALL of their expenses, including all of their their veterinary care, etc.


At The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat all of our rates are based on rooms, not cats. We use a sliding scale to determine the Admission Fees for our Permanent Long-term Care. We have 30 years of detailed records so we know, on average, what it costs to care for a cat and we use that average as a base for calculation our rates for each cat.

We also know what our overhead expenses are, such as utilities, taxes, building maintenance, etc. So we have a good idea of what it costs to house a cat or cats in one of our rooms. So whether it's one, two or three cats in that room these expenses are the same.


When we combine our fixed overhead expense with the cats' estimated expenses we come up with our Admission Fee. Because this can vary so dramatically based on the number of cats, their ages and their health records we first need a completed LTC Application back from you in order for us to give you the best rate. Once we have that we then can provide a quote.

We offer several options for payments, too, so there's a good chance we can make this fit into just about any budget!

The bottom line is that we will give your cats the best, first-class quality care that they deserve and we will do it for a fair and reasonable price. You have our commitment on that.

The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat Floorplan

"Lock-in Pricing"


We now offer you even more peace of mind with our exclusive "Lock-in Pricing", where you are GUARANTEED our current price and GUARANTEED a room for your cats! Read all about it on our "Lock-in Pricing" page.

NEW! Healthy Grain-Free Food Option


As part of our continuous improvement process we're pleased to now offer your cats the healthiest, grain-free diet of Wellness CORE cat food! Click here for details!

Kitty Cam Photos


Log onto the Internet from anywhere in the world, check in and see pictures of YOUR cats on their very own dedicated web page! Updates may even include video! Some places would charge you extra for this -- but WE do it at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, because we know a picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures of your sweet kitties are priceless!

Convenient Door-to-Door Service


We will arrange to pick up and then deliver your cats from/to virtually ANYWHERE in the world! Visit our Transportation Options page for more information.

.... and we'll do it for FREE within a 50 mile radius of Honeoye, NY!

Stay Connected to Your Kitties


For an additional $5.00 per month you can have either:

    Your very OWN dedicate line TOLL-FREE number to call us anytime, from anywhere in the USA and Canada!
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    Your very OWN dedicate line LOCAL phone number in your country's town to call us anytime toll-free, anywhere in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Italy, Ireland or Spain!
    flag flag flag flag flag flag flag

Imagine the peace of mind, being able to make a local or toll-free call whenever you want, to talk with us about your cats without worrying about long-distance or international calling charges! It's just one more special touch we've added at The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat, in our continuing effort to make the cats comfortable and keep you informed. Contact us for details!

Get Started with an Application


You can get started by downloading and completing our LTC Application. If you are considering temporary care (i.e., long-term boarding) check the PERMANENT box at the top of the application. If you're not yet sure what type of care you'll need for your cats check the UNDECIDED box at the top of the application, and we'll discuss your options when we contact you.

Please remember that in submitting your application you are under NO obligation to use our services! That will only happen once you sign a Admissions Agreement. But what it does do is to help us give you a fair quote.

Please note: All prices, special offers, services, etc. are subject to change without notice.

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Give your cats the luxury and love they so much deserve...
choose The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat for their long-term care!

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