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The Sunshine Home
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The Sunshine Home
The Sunshine Home
Our Facility
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Designed and Built Just for Cats!
The Sunshine Home

We offer ONLY CAGE FREE cat boarding in our building! The building is approximately 1,200 square feet. There are fifteen rooms for cats, each 42 to 54 square feet. Each room has large window (4 ft. x 4 ft. to 4 ft. x 6 ft.) for plenty of bird watching! There are small 12 in. cat doors between the rooms to allow cats to roam between rooms (for larger families in multiple rooms).

Your cat's luxurious room will be furnished to your wishes for your cat. We encourage items from home to come along with the cat (two once came with their own LaZBoy recliner!). Please consult us first for large items such as furniture.

The individual cat rooms open onto a large 324 sq. ft. common play/living area. This area features a spacious 16 ft. ceiling with thirty-two windows around the top for plenty of sunshine and ventilation. The common area will have a television, a stereo, sofas, chairs, tables, bookshelves and other amenities of a typical home as well as cat walks and cat furniture.

Typical Room
A Typical Room in The Sunshine Home
The Sunshine Home

The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat has a utility room which doubles as an examination room for the visiting veterinarian. Included in this room is a large capacity washer and dryer, an oversized sink, a microwave and a refrigerator. A small utility closet houses the high efficiency forced air furnace/central air/electronic air cleaner system.

Extra thick outside walls, insulation and high-tech windows and doors will provide a comfortable climate-controlled environment for your cat year round. Both the main entrance and the utility entrance are "double-doored" to prevent cats from accidentally getting out.

As part of our continuous quality improvement, we've added a 24-hour hospital-quality UV air disinfectant system and an outside/inside air exchange system where fresh air is pulled into the HVAC and stale indoor air is exhausted outside. This replenishes the air completely approximately every 3 hours.

Except for the HVAC, the Deweys (with a little help from their friends) did ALL the work on The Sunshine Home -- from design to rough framing to electrical to finish work -- giving a special meaning to the phrase, "It's been a Labor of Love"!

We believe this will truly be a "home" for your kitty!

We have some larger photos if you'd like to see more... simply click on the small thumbnail pictures below to see them!

The Sunshine Home The Sunshine Home The Sunshine Home The Sunshine Home

The Sunshine Home The Sunshine Home The Sunshine Home

Honeoye, NY
And our facility is surrounded by the quiet, rolling hills in beautiful Honeoye, New York

We're Goin' Green!

This Old Cat

cats cats

Give your cats the luxury and love they so much deserve...
choose The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat for their long-term care!

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The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat * P.O. Box 320, Honeoye, NY 14471-0320
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The Sunshine Home