The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
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The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
About Us
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Caregivers of The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat

The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat has been a vision of ours for many years. We both had grown up with cats in our families. It wasn't long after we moved into our first home in 1979 that we had our first cat, Charlie Brown. Believe it or not, we purchased him at a local pet store for five dollars. Without a doubt, that was the best $5.00 ever spent. Chuck was the start of it all, living a long and happy life with us until just past his 19th birthday.

With no human children, we focused on caring for our four-legged "kids". It wasn't long before Charlie had sisters and brothers. One after another we rescued and adopted. We have now settled in with more -- always with room in our hearts and home for one or two more should they come along. All of our cats are always spayed or neutered, all have their claws intact (except those who had already been declawed long before we rescued them), all remain indoors and all are kept current on their vaccinations.


Early on, when Chuck and the others were young, we started asking questions and planning for the care of our cats should something happen to us. We were surprised to find there were not many options. It was then, over 25 years ago, the dream was born. In 2004 that dream became a reality -- a reality for your cats and others like them -- when The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat officially opened its doors! Our lives are our cats. Virtually everything we do either involves them or revolves around them. Read some of the testimonial letters we've received and you'll know of our passion for the animals.

We were visited by the Director of Field Services of this area's largest humane society and he stated he was impressed with how well-kept and clean our home was, right down to the twelve litter boxes for the 12 cats. We obviously do take pride in doing things right.

When it comes to doing things right in the daily care for your cat, you can rest assured we will know what to do. We now have 35+ years of cat experience. We have first-hand feline knowledge of:

paw acute renal failure paw arthritis paw anemia paw asthma
paw bartonellosis paw behavioral modifications (with or without drugs) paw blindness paw bronchitis
paw cancer in cats paw cardiomyopathy paw chronic gingivitis paw chronic sinusitis
paw chronic renal failure paw coccidiosis paw colitis paw congenital cardiac shunts
paw conjunctivitis paw constipation paw corneal ulcers paw deafness
paw dehydration paw dental care paw diabetes paw diarrhea
paw Emergency Animal Rescue (E.A.R.S.) paw feline immunodeficiency virus paw feline infectious peritonitis paw feline stress management
paw feline urologic syndrome paw fibrosarcoma paw First Responder Animal Rescue training paw geriatric cat care
paw herpes viral conjunctivitis paw hypertension paw hyperthyroidism paw hepatic lipidosis - fatty liver disease
paw high fiber and other special diets paw inflammatory bowel disease paw lymphosarcoma paw megacolon
paw new cat introductions and socialization paw pet first aid paw pet loss/grief counseling paw retrobulbar disease
paw ringworm paw shaving and grooming cats paw skin diseases paw stomatitis
paw subcutaneous fluid therapy paw subcutaneous emphysema paw traveling with cats (by car and by air) paw upper respiratory diseases
paw urinary tract diseases paw ventricular septal defect - congenital heart disease paw vestibular disease paw weight management

Honeoye, NY
What better place for your cats than a quiet, country setting in beautiful Honeoye, New York?

...and ALL the cats in our care receive the best medical care possible! Of course we depend on our veterinarians for their expertise, too. Their state-of-the-art animal hospitals are staffed by some of the most knowledgeable, caring people in the business. Check out our Veterinary Care page for more information. And rest assured YOUR cat will receive this same great care at The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat!

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Our Feline Guests have come from 36 U.S. States, 22 Countries worldwide, and Counting!

Read all about The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat at our "In the News..." page!

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This Old Cat

Give your cats the luxury and love they so much deserve...
choose The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat for their long-term care!

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The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat