The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
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The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
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Letters and Emails We've Received

As always, references are available upon request! Please rest assured the Deweys will do everything possible to provide your cat with quality care and human companionship while they stay with us.

But hey, don't just take OUR word for it! Here's what some others have to say:

"It is my great honor and privilege to recommend to you the services of Paul and Deborah Dewey and The Sunshine Home. Never have I met two people more dedicated to the care and humane treatment of our feline friends. What is truly honorable about the Deweys is that they treat every cat with the same love and respect as their own. A cat never had a better friend that Paul and Debbie Dewey. They get to know their moods and likes and dislikes, and work with them to make their lives as happy as possible. They are highly educated about feline health, behavior, and overall care. Their years of experience with older cats and numerous health crises has given them the knowledge about a wide range of treatments and medical protocol... I cannot think of two people more qualified to care for your cat" BA, Rochester, New York USA

"(Paul's) commitment and dedication to cats, even the most difficult ones, is exemplary. Your inner drive will undoubtedly take you to the highest peaks in life and will be a godsend for our felines." EH, Phoenix, Arizona USA

"I sincerely believe that Paul and Debbie Dewey are the ideal couple to be caretakers of (The) Sunshine Home. I have seen the loving care and attention they have given to all cats. I would recommend (The) Sunshine Home under their care to everyone." RH, Rochester, New York USA

"In my estimation, Paul knows more about cats and their behavior than anyone I've met. I can't imagine anyone more suited to run The Sunshine Home for cats." MP, Victor, New York USA

Honeoye, NY
People love our quiet, country setting for their cats...

"Your rapport with and concern for the cats are wonderful to see..." KM, Scottsville, New York USA

"You (are) wonderful people with big hearts..." MH, Rochester, NY USA

"From my first encounter with (Paul), it was obvious that he had a real love for and understanding of cats." JZ, Rochester, New York USA

"I have never seen a person as good with cats as you..." KP, Rochester, New York USA

"I was amazed and impressed by their devotion to the elder dozen cats they had, began email correspondence with Paul, and quickly realized how knowledgeable, and compassionate he was about all felines, particularly geriatric ones with health problems. No where else could they receive better care than from this extraordinary man and his spouse." Dr. BC, Roanoke, VA USA

"(We now) know how extremely dedicated you are to the cats..." LW, Rochester, New York USA

"You have a real entrepreneurial spirit and a good heart too--that has to be a successful combination!" MC, Rochester, New York USA

"The Sunshine Home looks even better in person versus the photos on the web site... what a wonderful place!" BM, Jochiwon, South Korea

"I have always admired your ability to deal with both humans and felines..." BA, Rochester, New York USA

"You know I think you guys are the BEST!... the genuine love you have for each and every cat in your care. Your devotion to these animals comes through in every email and every conversation. Because of that, I felt so much more at ease and knew that you were taking care of them at least as well as I did (and I have a feeling, even better!)... I can't thank you enough.... you guys have been a godsend. ..." LW, Arlington, Virginia USA

"Paul and Debbie are the greatest asset The Sunshine Home has. Their love of cats shines through on their website, the phone and, of course, in person. It was a relief to leave my pets (well, my family really) in their capable hands. ..." TB, Silver Spring, Maryland USA

"We liked best knowing that my kitties were loved and cared for. ..." CL and GD, Bearsville, New York USA

"Socks and Tama were very well cared for and truly loved. It was evident when I got them home and they were as wonderful as always. ..." EM, Raleigh, North Carolina USA

Honeoye, NY
Convenient to anywhere, nestled in the hills of the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

"I want to thank you for everything you were willing to do to assist me. You were the only person in this process that actually made things run smooth with minimal anxiety and I thank you for that." CD, New York, New York USA

"Thanks again for being so on top of everything. Between figuring out how to effect all these changes and chasing people around at work every day just to make simple things happen, you have no idea what a relief it is to have the help of someone so on-target with a stressful issue like this." AL, New York, New York USA

"I made a huge decision to relocate to London and I desperately searched for a place to board my cats until I got settled. I did a search on the web and came across these wonderful people and their fabulous operation. After a few conversations I sent my two cats to them site unseen. I have never encountered more professionalism and most of all LOVE than I have in Paul and Debbie. Don't hesitate for a minute to entrust them with the care of your very special feline friends. I was reunited with my lovely ladies a year later and they were healthy and happy and purred over the wonderful care they received. I missed them terribly but I was able to sleep well at night knowing that they received top notch care. Spread the word. The Sunshine Home is a gem." BSJ, London, England

"If I could only pick one thing, then I'd say Paul & Debbie are what I liked best about The Sunshine Home. They're wonderful, sweet, caring people and it was obvious from day one when we were looking into boarding options that The Sunshine Home was by far the best and that our cats would be happy and well taken care of with Paul & Debbie. I never could have gone on the amazing trip I did if I didn't feel like I was leaving them in good hands. I never would have believed that a place like this existed for boarding cats. With all the horrible options for long term boarding, Paul and Debbie are light years ahead of the competition. " KB, Seattle, Washington USA

"Thanks so much for the detailed update. Your love and caring for my cat means the world to me. You are very special people and I'm grateful to have found you." RS, Brooklyn, New York USA

"I just wanted to say again thanks so much for taking such good care of Leo and Hazel. We made it (home) and they're happily purring away, happy kitties. If I ever go on another long trip, you know I'll be talking to you about more excellent care for my spoiled furrballs." CD, Washington, DC USA

"I liked best the constant communication and photos which eased my mind and know that they were being monitored closely. (The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat is) the bestest place for your cats for long term care. My cats had many health issues and they came back home looking better than ever! Exceptional care!!!!" BB, Bronx, New York USA

"Pea and Garbo seem to be fully acclimated to their new home. It's clear that you and Debbie took great care of them during my time away, and I am sincerely grateful!" Dr. EC, Atlanta, Georgia USA

Happy Kitties!

"Just wanted to let you know the cats are in safe and sound and nosing around their new home. Also wanted to thank you both again for the extraordinary care you've given them over the past year. You are exceptional people and both the cats and I are so grateful to you! The email updates were great to put my mind at ease. Again, I'm just so grateful for the care you gave to the cats and for how incredibly accommodating you were." LK, London, England

"(I liked the) individual attention for the cat and genuine interest in his care. Pricing and quality of care is great in comparison with other facilities... thanks so much for such great care!" EH, New York, New York USA

"Paul and Debbie, I wanted to thank you both so much for all the care and love you gave the cats these past 9 months. They have adjusted well to being at home and are all over the place. Again thank you so much for everything." BM, Alexandria, Virginia USA

"WOW, you two are truly amazing! Thank you SO much for all your understanding and compassion." EM, Raleigh, North Carolina USA

"Thank you soooo very much for all the work you and Debbie did for us!" SM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

"(The cats are) settling in here now and exploring their new digs. I think New York really agreed with them-- they're so happy and healthy and their coats look beautiful! I'm sure they will miss you two and all their friends up there... I hope the next (feline tenants) have as much fun at your place! We liked that all of the cats staying there were well cared for and happy. You guys knew everyone's names, medical issues, likes/dislikes, family history, everything! You guys rock! Thanks again for everything! I am recommending you to all of my cat-owning friends!" JH, Charlotte, South Carolina USA

"Thank you so much for braving the weather and the holiday traffic (to bring the cats home)! And thank you and Debbie so much for taking such good care of the cats. I love having them back!! They both look great and are doing great! Thank you again for everything!" LA, New York, New York USA

"(Visiting The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat) was a lovely trip for us on all counts. We got see the cats, meet you and visit a beautiful part of the country. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us around. You were the perfect hosts." IP, Chicago, Illinois USA

"Such a relief to know my kitties are in safe hands. Thank you so much for taking such good care of them and for being so communicative on email about the arrangements - it has been a great comfort to me." LW, Cambridge, England

"Keep up the great work, Paul! Your facility concept is exceptional! We think you have a wonderful establishment/operation and it's nice to know that a place like yours exist!" BK, Long Island, New York USA

Happy Kitties!

"The cats and I moved into our new place and they both have adjusted very well. They are very much the same sweet kitties you picked up over a year ago. I am so happy to be back home with them. When I am on the couch, they both want to sit in my lap and sometimes they both manage to! :-) It is too funny, really. I love them to pieces. I am sure that they miss you, Debbie, and all the friends they made at The Sunshine Home. I am giving them triple doses of love and affection so they don't feel the loss so much. :-) I really appreciate all you and Debbie have done to make sure my kitties were loved and comfy while I was away. I cannot thank you enough. I hope I don't have to go away for that long again but if I do, I will be calling you again. I know your services are in great demand, but hopefully you will be able to accommodate them again if that time comes." NA, Fayetteville, North Carolina USA

"The kitties have adjusted quite well... We have nothing but fantastic things to say about The Sunshine Home. " AM, Toronto, ON Canada

"I tell everyone I can about you since getting home. The cats miss you both and hope all the other kitties keeping you company are having as much fun as they did when they stayed with you! " SH, Newark, DE USA

"The cats were all on our bed last evening - you guys took such good care of them - we appreciate it and you made our time away much less stressful!! You two are such special people to be doing this service - enjoy the kitties and each other and life - have fun - please save space for our cats again next year!" LN, Norwalk, Connecticut USA

"I love that you and Debbie are so dedicated... Myself, l can't tell you how much both of you mean to me. You are amazing people who are good and true to the core. I love what you two do for cats and those of us lucky enough to have them in our lives... I can't believe their time with you has come to an end. You are their fairy foster parents who have given them so much love and care during this transition, and l know they will miss you. they have safely and successfully made their long trip home to New Zealand!" KA, Auckland, New Zealand

"You have certainly been blessings in my life to allow me to keep my kids. I'm happy to report the kids have settled in beautifully. All is wonderful on this end. Sending hugs your way." AR, Baltimore, Maryland USA

"You have gone above and beyond for us over and over... The girls are home and settling in better than I could have hoped! I know that they got all the love and attention they could want with you and Debbie... It is so great to have them home, but I know that they will miss you, Debbie and the friends that they made at the Sunshine Home! Thank you again for everything, this transition would not have been possible without you! You will forever hold a special place in our hearts. It is because of you we were able to keep our family together! God bless you and Debbie for all of the things that you do, you make the world a better place." AG, Honolulu, Hawaii USA

Happy Kitties!

"You guys are so awesome! The cats were quiet and even laid down in their carriers for the whole ride home! That's a first! I guess they actually did listen to Uncle Paul's explanation of the trip! We are very grateful to have been able to have the kitties Stay with you and we thank you for all your help." PR, Montreal PQ, Canada

"I want to personally thank both of you, We have had a very hectic past 18 months as my company went back and forth on my staying here or going back. Now that all is settled, and our apartment is done, all other shipments made and sorted, we are thrilled to have our babies back. I'm not sure if we'll get the chance to use your services again, but if we are ever back in the US and need to go overseas for a temporary time, you'll hear form us again!" SB, Hong Kong, China

"I just wanted to tell you both that I think of you often and am still so grateful for the wonderful care you gave my cats back in 2010 when I went off to Australia. They are both doing great and are happy and healthy." AK, New York, New York USA

"I am so glad that I found you and that you looked after my cats so very well." JB, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

"I want to thank you both again for your great care of the kitties. And I thank you again for your generosity as I transition to the next phase of my life." CF, Portland, Oregon USA

"It was really nice to meet you in person this morning! I got an extra sense of comfort to know that my cat will be taken care of in your care." KY, New York, New York USA

"I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. The work that you and Debbie do at The Sunshine Home has been a true blessing to me and I'm sure countless others over the years. The quality of life you provide for the cats in your care and the peace of mind you bring to those that love them is priceless." MC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

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Affordable luxury, spacious rooms and personalized, first-class care for your cats...
choose The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat for their long-term care!

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