The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
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The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat
Temporary Long-term Care/Long-term Boarding Rates
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Temporary Long-term Care/Long-term Boarding Rates


Affordable Luxury. Our Temporary Long-term Care is also known as Long-term Boarding for cats. We care for your cats for as long as you need us and when you're ready, they'll return home to you once again! We have a two month minimum for Long-term Boarding.

At This Old Cat all of our rates are based on rooms, not cats. Our rates include bottled water, litter, treats, dry food 24/7 and canned food twice a day. Our Long-term Boarding rate effective January 1, 2024 is just $485 per month per room and our rooms can comfortably house up to 3 or 4 cats. So when comparing rates to other places please remember at The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat there is NO additional charge for a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th cat in the same room!

Of course you will be responsible for their veterinary care and any prescriptions as needed.

But hey, there's more...

We have NO extra "hidden charges" for:

  • most medical conditions
  • most diets
  • pilling
  • toys
  • local vet trips
  • lap time
  • nail trimming
  • play time
  • grooming
  • kisses
  • treats
  • TLC, etc.!

So TWO cats can stay in one of our luxurious rooms for about $8 a night each cat! Three cats for stay less than $6 a night -- less than the cost of premium cup of coffee and a muffin! Definitely affordable luxury for your cats.

Typical Room at The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat

Kitty Photos/Video


Log onto the Internet from anywhere in the world, check in and see pictures of YOUR cats on their very own dedicated web page! Updates may even include video! Some places would charge you extra for this -- but WE do it at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE, because we know a picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures of your sweet kitties are priceless!

Convenient Door-to-Door Service


We will arrange to pick up and then deliver your cats from/to virtually ANYWHERE in the world! Visit our Transportation Options page for more information.

.... and we'll do it for FREE within a 50 mile radius of Honeoye, NY!

Get Started with an Application


You can get started by downloading and completing our LTC Application.

Please remember that in submitting your application you are under NO obligation to use our services! That will only happen once you sign a Boarding Agreement. But what it does do is to help us better plan, and be ready for you and your cats should you decide to proceed.

Please note: All prices, special offers, services, etc. are subject to change without notice.

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Give your cats the luxury and love they so much deserve...
choose The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat for their long-term care!

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The Sunshine Home at This Old Cat